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Medwell SA has been contracted by the developer of Helderberg Manor, to manage the healthcare facility (which incorporates frail- and dementia care), and to manage the needs of the residents of the assisted living suites. Medwell SA will also provide a range of health and wellness services to all other residents on an “in need basis.”

Medwell SA has a well establish service record in the industry spanning over 25 years with a national footprint specialising in Managed Home Health Care Services as an alternative to long term hospitalisation and the implementation and management of holistic healthcare services within retirement estates across South Africa since 2004. Medwell has proven over the past 5 years their exceptional service at Plettenberg Manor in providing services at the highest level for Devmark Property Developers and their residents.

One of the key reasons residents chose Helderberg Manor Retirement Village was for all residents to gain access to healthcare and supportive services. This ensures peace of mind to residents and their family members and enables residents to age within the comfort of their home and community.

As resident you now have access to a bouquet of healthcare services. All residents are requested to register with Medwell SA, as you would with any general practitioner in order to obtain access to the services offered. Full details of residents’ health history and current health status is essential in order for Medwell SA to provide a professional and complete service and for this purpose, a registration document is available at the Care Centre.

 To enable Medwell and its team to provide you as resident with the necessary support in case of an emergency the completion of the registration form is essential.



Leaders in Managed Home Nursing and Health Care Services since 1997, Medwell SA specialises in providing managed home health services as an alternative to long term hospitalisation and care in specialised care facilities. The management and provision of Holistic Health Care Services within the retirement village sector includes Managed Home Health Care as part of the service delivery.

Services include managed care at home, post-hospitalisation, and discharge from rehabilitation facilities. Their services are provided to all age groups including the elderly needing frail care. Medwell SA provides patient centred care with an emphasis on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the patient and family involved.

The joint expertise and knowledge gained over many years are the central core of Medwell SA. This heritage, unyielding commitment to professional integrity, and high-quality care ensure that Medwell SA is the home health care specialist and leader in South Africa.

In February 2018 EDNA Medical Distributors was incorporated as part of the Medwell Group. EDNA has been in existence since 1986. It started as a wholesaler of medicine and distributed to pharmacies and doctors but has subsequently expanded its business profile to that of an importer and wholesale supplier of medical goods to the state and private sector as well as to the general public.

The incorporated entities, their impeccable reputation, history and standard of services are recognised and trusted nationally.



Medwell SA focuses on the principle of “Managed Care,” which ensures the seamless integration and continuity of care of Medwell SA patients, from Hospital/Rehabilitation/Sub Acute care to care-at-home or in a care facility. Thus, Medwell SA ensures that the recovery process of the patient is not interrupted.

Medwell SA works in conjunction with all relevant disciplines (practitioners, specialists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, etc.) to form a multi-disciplinary team. Together we assess the medical history of the patient and provide relevant input to determine a Care Plan customised for all patients.

This focus and methodology are implemented at all retirement villages where health care services are provided by Medwell SA. The focus within the retirement sector is to maintain independence for residents for as long as possible within the comfort of their own homes with a proactive healthcare approach.


To be the leaders in providing high-quality holistic home healthcare and wellness solutions.


Medwell SA is a health care partner that strives to assure a continuum of care by supplying health care services and supporting products in your preferred environment, enabling you to enjoy the best possible quality of life. We offer this through a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that assesses, treats, and maintains the client’s well-being.



Assuring with empathy and dignity the continuance of quality of life at home.


Ensuring a Home Wellness solution tailored to your personal clinical and financial circumstances.


Pioneering a technology enabled services and products to be compliant and to optimize Home Wellness.


Treating clients, partners, employees, and providers with respect.


To being a partner for life – delivering dyhaminc, comprehensive Home Health Care services and products. 



It is important that you as resident familiarise yourself with the services available in order to receive the best quality services on offer to all residents.

These services are offered within the following categories: 

  1. Primary Health Care Services
  2. Assistive and Support Services to residents in their home
  3. Care Facility Management
  4. Managed Home-Based Care and Nursing Services

3.1 Primary Healthcare Services

 The service involves the management of the health status of all residents in a proactive manner to proactively maximize health outcomes and quality of life. The emphasis is to encourage an independent healthy lifestyle for as long as possible in the comfort of their home and includes the following:

  • Regular home visits to all residents to evaluate their general health and wellbeing and to implement preventative measures where and when needed.

 (Preventative Measures may include and is not limited to, walking devices, Occupational and Physiotherapy to reduce fall risks, daily monitoring of   blood pressure, blood glucose, referral to a medical specialist etc.).

  • Annual Health Screening of residents.
  • Pre-screening of prospective new residents.
  • Availability of basic medical procedures as per doctor prescription such as administering medication, wound care etc. during clinic hours.
  • All residents residing within the estate will automatically be eligible for a discount on the standard Medwell Home Based Care Service Rates.
  • Access to staff, registered with the South African Nursing Council on site twenty-four hours a day for emergency support and assistance.
  • Clinical information of all residents will be cloud-based allowing Medwell in conjunction with Eqigate to share clinical information with emergency response teams and Accident and Emergency centres in real time while   enroute to casualties, if required.
  • The availability of additional supportive, ad hoc, and home-based care service on site on a fee for service basis.

Primary healthcare services can be obtained on a fee for service basis. The cost of the services is determined on an individual-needs basis and can be applied for with the Health Care Manager. There is no fixed levy.

3.2 Assistive & Support Services to Residents in Their Home

Assistive and Support Services” means non-medical care and nursing that is provided to a person (or couple) in that person’s Residential Unit to assist with activities of daily living and enhance the independent living of that person.

The assistive and supportive services can be provided on a long – or short-term basis and includes assistance to residents post-operatively or after serious illness. These services can include a combination of variety of daily and/or ad hoc supportive services to enable a resident to maintain their independence for as long as possible before implementing home-based care services or before being admitted to the care a facility.

Services can include and but is not limited to:

  1. Personal care service, assisting a resident daily to shower/bath, dress and make their bed.
  2. Assistance whilst taking a daily walk or exercising.
  3. The administration and procurement of medication for residents to ensure scripts are kept up to date, renewed on time and medication is delivered to the resident.
  4. Administering medication as per script and is not limited to oral medication but includes injections and even intravenous medication in the comfort of your home.
  5. Medical ad hoc procedures such as, wound care, catheterization, nebulization, etc.
  6. Assistance with incontinence care.
  7. Daily procedures and monitoring of vital sign etc.
  8. Daily Check-ins by staff etc.

All the above services will be provided by staff appointed by Medwell. All fees will be invoiced by Medwell. In all cases all residents will be required to enter into a separate service agreement with Medwell for services rendered.

A list of services and associated prices will be made available on an annual basis to all residents. Dedicated Assisted Living units will have fixed packages which may vary from year to year according to needs of residents. Packages for assisted living units will be circulated with the annual fee structures.

3.3 Care Facility Management

The primary role of the frail care centre is to render care to individuals with physical, psychological, emotional, and social needs that cannot be met within one’s own home. Management of such a facility includes all aspects relating to appointment of staff as prescribed by the Older Persons Act, Act 13 of 2006, with the implementation of all associated administrative requirements, protocols and procedures and registration with the Department of Social Development in terms of the Act.

The focus in a frail care facility is the management of acute and chronic diseases as well as the physical frailty or disability of the individual. The service includes the monitoring and implementation of safe care and services to the individual. Care includes the ongoing assessment of the individual’s health status and changes to the care plan or routine of the individual to accommodate any changes in the level of care provided.

Frail Care Services can include one or more of the following:

  • Assistance with hygiene/bath/shower/wash/mouth care/hair care/nail care/dressing
  • Assistance with incontinence care/toileting
  • Assistance with nutritional needs/feeding/tube feeding/nasogastric feeds
  • Assistance with mobility/assisted walking/exercise/transferring
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers: Risk identification and prevention
  • Maintaining homeostasis/preventing dehydration/monitoring of intake and output
  • Preventing injuries and falls: Risk identification and prevention
  • Wound care
  • Order, receive, administer, and monitor medication and its effect on the individual
  • Care and nursing reports on every individual and in line with legislation
  • Complete assessment on every individual prior and with admission
  • Complete holistic care plan for each individual
  • Individual lifestyle care plan for each individual
  • Re-assessments on the individual with change of health status
  • Referral to external support services as and when needed

3.4 Home Based Care and Home Nursing Services

 For Clarity to it is important for resident to be familiar with difference between “Home-Based Care Services” and “Managed Home Nursing Services.”

Home-Based Care Services” means all services rendered by Medwell to persons in need of care in that person’s Residential Unit from time to time where a care worker is allocated on a one-to-one basis to provide care and includes continuous daily care from six (6) hours up to twenty-four (24) hours care per day overseen and managed by a registered nurse.

Managed Home Nursing Services” means all services rendered in the comfort of a person’s Residential Unit and includes clinical procedures within the scope of a registered nurse, an enrolled nurse or an enrolled nursing assistant and includes the use of a care worker where home-based care is provided in an ad hoc form or with long-term home-based care services.

Services can be provided and tailored to the individual’s personal and medical needs. Services rendered will be provided at a discounted rate to the normal tariffs charged by Medwell for private home nursing services.

Where a medical aid is involved, the relevant medical aid tariffs will be applicable and where applicable co-payments may be required. Services will be implemented and managed by the appointed Village Sister / Registered Nurse.

  • This type of service is coordinated by a Health Care Manager using a multidisciplinary team to create a care plan in conjunction with the family   and resident. Each care plan is unique and is negotiated according to the personal and medical needs of the patient and family.
  • Home Nursing Services can be provided from 6 – 24 hours a day.
  • The cost of all Home Nursing Services and Home-Based Care Services is for the account of  the resident.
  • In all Cases residents will enter into a separate service agreement with Medwell for the provision of all Managed Home Nursing and Care Services.


4.1 Pharmaceutical Products and Equipment

As part of the Medwell SA service offering, medical goods and products and assistive devices can be provided to residents and can be delivered to your home. This includes walking aides, or medical consumables such as incontinence products, gloves, wound care products etc. Please obtain detail from the Healthcare Manager.

 4.2 Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy at home is now a reality and Medwell SA can offer initial screenings of residents and recommendations regarding therapy at home to improve the mobility of residents and where applicable provide post-operative or post-rehabilitation treatment. Please ask your healthcare manager for more information, or to be referred. Medwell word closely with Physiotherapy@home who forms part of the multi-disciplinary team.



On-site staff who respond to emergencies and provide support will all be registered with the South African Nursing Council and will be trained in Basic Life Support and first aid. Over and above the availability of senior qualified staff on site, Medwell will provide emergency support and response services in association with EQiGate. 

The EQiGate service entails the use and integration of new-age technology with traditional health and wellness management in retirement communities. The technology ranges from personal panic buttons to a full remote medical practice in a box.

All these devices connect to a central patient database where demographic and medical data of residents are stored for accessibility during an emergency. This enables the team to reduce medical response times and treat the resident at the appropriate level of care instead of referring them directly to casualties.

The Medwell team is well versed in the combined solution and are the preferred provider for EQiGate when it comes to offering an integrated healthcare solution. The EQiGate 24/7 Nerve centre gives constant oversight and support to the Medwell nursing teams on the ground. This includes national emergency support for all registered clients. The system allows for integration with telephone lines and conferencing with multiple parties including medical practitioners and specialists.

The technology is not geographically bound, and the connected devices are supported by cellular carriers allowing for use across the entire country.

The Personal Connector device not only works like a cellular phone but gives direct access to medical data and personal information of the resident and is linked to the Nerve Centre (24h Call Centre) of EQiGate. This device also has mission-critical status on cellular networks, giving the user a preferential connection base in case of a disaster where Cellular networks are overloaded.

The system implemented by Medwell in association with EQiGate will be linked to the Nerve Centre and in a case where staff may already be dealing with another emergency, the call can be rerouted to the Nerve Centre immediately. This will ensure an immediate response and enable the Nerve Centre to arrange the necessary emergency services enabling staff on the ground to focus on the resident’s immediate needs. Residents will be able to purchase their own devices to link up with the network which can be used nationally and is an optional extra.



Medwell will engaged, with the body corporate and internal committees to arrange monthly educational talks at the estate with at least two wellness days per annum arranged, to expose residents to a variety of services with the focus on a heathy, active, and independent lifestyle.



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