Youthful Verve of Senior Fashionistas

Jun 4, 20140 comments

“It doesn’t make sense to chase an impossible dream of eternal youth.”

These are the profound and sensible words of one Seth Cohen. This New Yorker has written many profiles for people over 60 on his expanding Advanced Style blog, crediting his interest and respect towards the elderly to his grandmother, who was a librarian by trade. He is forever inspired by her “energy and attitude towards life”, be it when he was growing up or in her peaceful old age.

Jean Woods

Whilst Jean Woods from Bath also pays no attention to the age factor, her style is radically different to the classy women found on the streets of the Big Apple. She is inspired by the youth of society, wearing free flowing dresses and miniskirts, because she claims her legs are her best feature. She tops it all off with a strong choice of bold Doc Martin boots. Her outlook is extremely refreshing and admirable, regardless of her seniority: ‘I like to dress as I want to dress […] I just decide in my own mind whether I look good’.

The Attitude

Cohen believes that anybody of any age can dress with class and that it is vital to our energy and creativity. He wants to pedal the idea that fashion does not answer to youth. As we become older, our bodies change but that does not mean our mindsets must do the same. Indeed, he has definitely documented enough examples to show that elegance is not bound by the wrinkles on your skin.

These women are not necessarily brave people. They are simply breaking through a fictional mould that does not really exist. They are tearing down the diaphanous curtain of media influence that obscures the potential for everlasting sartorial elegance. Their peaceful retirement is complimented by their restless need to keep on living with the same verve and restless energy to grow that should ideally accompany us

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