Youthful Verve of Senior Fashionistas

β€œIt doesn’t make sense to chase an impossible dream of eternal youth.”

These are the profound and sensible words of one Seth Cohen. This New Yorker has written many profiles for people over 60 on his expanding Advanced Style blog, crediting his interest and respect towards the elderly to his grandmother,

Lessons from Longevity Hotspots

South Africans have seen a marked increase in life expectancy; in general our seniors are much healthier, more active and look forward a longer lifespan. There are some places around the world however where a significant percentage of their population age well into their hundreds. A team of scientists and

Retirement of the Free

Everything in our world ages whether it be the gnarled bark of an ancient oak, its twisting limbs curled in the tight forest air, or the pitted marble of a classical Greek sculpture that is so lifelike yet lifeless. Their aged beauty is often appreciated in its own right: worn

Great giving philosophy for kids

Grandparents are notorious for spoiling grandchildren with bundles of gifts and treats during the festive season. Children
these days certainly get more than their parents and grandparents ever received in bygone years but a concerted effort needs to be made to differentiate between gift giving and the actual meaning of Christmas-